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Monster High - Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love (2012)

It's Draculaura's 1600 birthday and Valentine's Day. Toralei, in revenge of not getting invited, calls up Draculaura's ex-boyfriend named Valentine. She knows he only wants to steal Draculaura's heart to complete his collection thus making it her worst birthday ever. Draculaura tells Valentine she is in love with Clawd. Valentine puts a spell on Draculaura to make her fall in love with him again so he can steal her heart. Meanwhile Clawd gets jealous and so the ghouls take the help of C.A. Cupid, but because Tolerai moves her, the arrow makes C.A. Cupid and Clawd fall in love with each other. On the big day, the ghouls manage to break the spell on Clawd and Cupid. They find the old box of memories which Clawd had made for Draculaura in the first place which breaks the spell on her. Then Valentine and Toralei fall in a pit of slime which will make them stink for 1000 years, and Valentine's powers are removed.

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