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Crimson Pig -Porco Rosso (Movie)


Crimson Pig -Porco Rosso

Series Information:

Title: Crimson Pig -Porco Rosso (Movie)

Genres: action,adventure,crime,comedy, drama,mystery

Vintage: July 18, 1992

Status: completed


During the Great Depression, Porco Rosso is a former flying ace who works as a freelance pirate hunter. He frequents the Hotel Adriano, where he spends time with Gina, the owner of the hotel and one of his closest friends.

An American pilot named Curtis attacks Porco in the air. Porco's engine breaks down, making him an easy target for Curtis, and he crashes. Curtis claims to have killed Porco.

Porco has his plane repaired by Piccolo S.P.A., an aircraft design shop owned by an old friend of Porco's. Because the male workforce has largely emigrated to find work, Piccolo has constructed a new workforce consisting of his female relatives, including his granddaughter, Fio. Porco realizes that Fio is a mechanical genius. She talks him into letting her accompany him, ostensibly to make further adjustments to the plane. As they depart, they are nearly ambushed by the Italian secret police.

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